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Wholesale Silver Jewelry
Wholesalehub.com offers a wide selection of wholesale silver jewelry suppliers. Be sure to check out our other jewelry supplier sub-categories if you need a more specific list of wholesale silver jewelry suppliers by type or, if you wish to sort your wholesaler results by location, refine your query with our search box:

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bullet Silver Jewelry

307 7th Avenue
Suite 703
New York, NY 10001

Wholesale Sterling Silver Jewelry Importer & Manufacturer - We import directly from global manufacturers around the world for the market. Located in New York.

t: view phone877-23-4967
f: view fax212-352-1798
w: www.silverjewelrydepot.com
e: silverjdepot@aol.com
650 S. Hill Street
Suite 926
Los Angeles, CA 90014

Welcome to Silver Depot Inc. the only place where we strive to offer all of our much appreciated customers, a wide selection of the best wholesale silver jewelry pieces to complete and satisfy any of your taste and needs…located in California.

t: view phone213-627-6684
f: view fax213-627-6683
w: silverdepot.com
e: customerservice@silverdepot.com

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Trends in Buying Wholesale Silver Jewelry
Trends in silver jewelry among younger people are keychains, silver rings and charm bracelets. Sellers recommend you stock up on these types of wholesale silver jewelry items for a younger customer base. For older generations, silver jewelry trends lean toward vintage rings or silver cufflinks. For the baby boomer generation, stock up on cufflinks and conservative styled rings or, for the women, silver earrings are usually a strong seller. For young and old, silver belt buckles have jumped in popularity and are an item to test with your particular clientele.
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