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Wholesalehub.com offers a broad selection of Wholesale Candles wholesalers. Be sure to check out our candles sub-categories if you need a more specific list of products - wholesale votive candles, wholesale aromatherapy and scented candles, Incense, and more or, if you wish to search local for bulk candles suppliers, refine your query with our search:

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80 Newfield Ave
Edison, NJ 08837

If you have one of those businesses where “every penny counts”, we are the premier source for you when it comes to filling up your shelves with wholesale Candles, Candle Holders, Incense, Potpourri, Bath Products and Seasonal Merchandise.

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 Wholesale Hub - wholesale candles suppliers, distributors and manufacturers in the USA and beyond, including scented candles, votive candles, pillar candles, tealight candles, decorative candles and more in bulk, closeouts, for resale. Wholesale and bulk candles supplies at the Hub - wholesale companies for retail stores big and small, gift shops, online stores, charities, auctions, flea markets, and those in business from their homes.
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