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Wholesale Hub - Our Compare Feature

As you browse our Wholesale categories and Discount Supplier listings you will note that each of the larger "Showcase" Supplier listings (the one with an image along the left side of the listing) includes a "Compare" check box next to the Listing Title, along with a Blue "Compare" Button at the top and bottom of all of the Wholesale Listings on the page.
Simply check the "Compare" box for 2 or more wholesale suppliers you are interested in comparing, and then click the Blue Compare Button at the top or bottom of the Wholesale Listings.

What is Compared?
The check box allows you to compare, head to head, up to four Wholesale Suppliers side-by-side - compare all of their services and data we have on file for them - minimum order size, how they ship, do they have a catalog, are they dropshippers, do they ship international, what methods of payment they accept, are they a member of the BBB, and more.

The comparison page result is a simple side-by-side display of the data we have for each of these Suppliers. It's an easy way to review and compare their services, making it easier for you to narrow down your wholesale sources.


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